These versions of my shorter mid-range surfboards may be 
compared to what many are calliing a high performance hull
designs. The bottom is flat in the tail with a 60/40 down rail
in the center. The most popular lengths of this model have
been 6 ft. 6 in. to 8 ft. 6 in. The fin box is pushed farther
forward so that most manuevers can be made in the center
of the boardwithout having to step back. Again, single
stringer, flex fin and light glass with a sand-only finish are
part of the package:

SPEED STICK: Like the Joy Stick, this hull has width for
more stability. Only this puppy is paper thin for cranking rail-to-rail turns and the wide point is pushed forward of center for more speed.

SQUASH HULL: A part fun, part performance design. A
bit more forgiving than a performance hull like the Speed Stick.
But everyone will still have to get out of your way.

MID-RANGE PINTAIL: This is what some might want to
take to the North Shore. It's got the island shape, but with
the atttributes of the hull. This would be my choice if I was
heading to Hawaii.

So what's left for you? Well...go rip!

Speed Stick

Squash Hull

Mid-Range Pintail